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We entered the 'events world' when we played a big part in organising our very own daughter's Bat Mitzvah back in 2017. There was something magical about seeing the end result, and the feeling of satisfaction was something else. Not long after, we decided to get 'officially' involved in events and thought a photobooth was a great place to start.


Novices - were we biting off more than we could chew? Potentially... but we went for it anyway. Following weeks and months of learning, improving, refining the product, we were finally ready to hit the road with something we were proud of. The truth is, we didn't realise how much we would fall in love with it.  This, we believe, makes us unique in the field. We love doing what we are doing. Any temptations we had to expand into many other things in the industry, as many do, really took a big sidestep, allowing us to do what we do, to a standard we believe is unparalleled. You know how the saying goes 'less is more'. We feel that's definitely the case here.

Our team remains small and that's how we like it. Most, if not all, the attendants you see come event night, are either close friends or family. Our end product but also our care and attitude, pre, during and post event remain our unique selling points. One example of this is how we personalise the product. A background in graphic design gives us an advantage and allows us to do your product justice by customising the photos and screen like no others. Our natural meticulousness means our presentation isn't too shabby either! See our booths here.

If you'd like to reach out, we'd love to hear from you :)

Olivana Events

Who we are
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