Open Booth

We're delighted to offer our new 'Open-air interactive booth', which have many advantages v the Oval Booth. It's more descreet, and offers additional options to the usual still images, such as GIFs and Boomerangs. Guests can easily share their pics online and/or email themselves the pictures, should they so wish.

All packages come with unlimited FULLY personalised prints to match your event branding/theme - See samples here.

The Guestbook option is hugely popular, and is a lovely way to keep memories of the happy event.

In addition, we have our Premium Packages which has all the bells and whistles, so to speak - Managed Guestbook, Magnets, Green Screen and more...

See packages below.


Festival Theme Special
If you're looking for something extra special, the firm favourite amongst our customers is our unique Festival Themed Booth Package, which we have seen become the life of the party where ever it goes. 'Grass', flowers, props in crates and much more... 

Finally... if you would like to create your own bespoke package, or if there is something that you would like you do not see here, include details in your enquiry form and we'll have a quote for you in no time. We love being helpful...


See packages below.

Note: Ideal space required 2m (W) x 2m (D)


Open Booth Classic Package

✔️   3 hour hire

✔️   Booth Attendant

✔️   Personalised Prints

✔️   Unlimited Booth Visits

✔️   Social Media Sharing**

✔️   Virtual Props

✔️   All on a USB Stick*

✔️   Online Slideshow*

✔️   Facebook Album*

* Upon request

** Internet connection required for 'Instant' sharing



- Guestbook Package:

extra copies printed automatically for the guestbook / book, adhesive, & pens included

- Magnet Package:

Unlimited magnets made on the spot, (keyrings also available)

- Premium Package:

Guestbook  & Magnets included

- Festival Package:

includes all of the above plus:

Festival themed booth /

'Grass' flooring / Festival booth props

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