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Our new offering of fully customised websites has been significant in helping drive positive energy towards special occasions, as well as having practical benefits too!


Where many have recently had to scale down/compromise their original event, and with much uncertainty around plans and timings due to the current circumstances, we have introduced a new service of special occasion websites to capture all the details and excitement for your events.


Having a dedicated website for your special occasion gives you an opportunity to communicate and engage with your guests beyond usual channels, adding to the build up and follow up of the event itself.

- Flexible 
- Centralised info
- Dynamic
- Adding new content serves as a reminder to check out other parts of the site 


Here's a live site of ours that has had great feedback from the many guests who have visited the site. Bear in mind, the vent has now passed. The screenshot here was taken prior to the event. https://www.kerenmoishie.com/


Just a quick rundown of what's included in our basic website package:

- Countdown clock:  impossible to miss! The clock  ignites the anticipation and excitement immediately.

- Music player: With chosen song to get people in the mood.

- Invitation: Amendments included as appropriate - e.g. we zoomed in to this invite which allowed the wording to be comfortably readable, and made some change to the text.

- Gift list link/s: Directing guests directly to the all important gifts you have selected.


- Timetable: A schedule so the viewers have an idea of what's coming and when.


- Watch live section: Where a live stream can be accessed once 'on air' (should you be capturing the occasion, for all those who could not be there) 


- Mobile responsive: All our sites are mobile friendly.

- Gallery: Following the event we are happy to add a gallery to the site, capturing the all important memories.

With your personalised website, other than adding to the positive energies and build up, we've seen it prove to be a great way to encourage visits to the all important gift lists (if applicable). For those that get past the event and have still not reached John Lewis landing page, we hope that the pic gallery uploaded from the event in the days to follow will provide them that additional opportunity. :)

All we need to create a beautiful customised site is the invitation, and from that, we create a themed customised site to match your event. Naturally, we are happy to revise any design and work with you to ensure you are happy with the final product.

If you'd like to book your very own website, or have any questions, please feel free to contact us using the form below.


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